Announced in October, 2013, the first Annual Resident Lifebox Challenge is an initiative of the ASA Resident Component to engage U.S. anesthesiology residents in support of the global safe surgery program of the Lifebox Foundation.

ASA’s Charitable Foundation serves as the platform for the resident fundraising activities.

Learn more about the Challenge at National Lifebox Challenge.

The residency program producing the largest contribution per resident will be recognized at the ASA 2014 Annual Meeting.  In addition, the program raising the largest absolute dollar contribution will be eligible for a matching gift to increase its gift to Lifebox.

Beth Israel Deaconess Edges Ahead of Detroit in Total Funds Raised

Contributions per Resident Standings
Rank Program Contributions Residents $$/Resident
1 Detroit Med Ctr WSU $2,502 36 $69.50
2 University of Connecticut $1,750 33 $53.03
3 Beth Israel Deaconess $2,509 61 $41.13
4 Boston Medical Center BU $385 32 $12.03
5 Rochester $628 56 $11.21


Total Contributions
Rank Program Contributions
1 Beth Israel Deaconess $2,509
2 Detroit Med Ctr WSU $2,502
3 University of Connecticut $1,750
4 Brigham & Women's $920
5 Rochester $628

Reported on July 31, 2014

 Participating Programs:

Detroit Med Ctr WSU Tufts Medical Center
University of Connecticut St Elizabeth's Boston
Beth Israel Deaconess Johns Hopkins
Brigham & Women's Columbia
Boston Medical Center BU Rochester
University of Colorado  

Donate for Lifebox

If you are participating in the Resident Challenge, please make your contribution a Tribute Gift on behalf of your residency program.